dimanche 25 janvier 2009

The Short Night

Night that ends so soon:

in the ford there still remains

one silver of the moon.

2 commentaires:

julie70 a dit…

I hope, the poems, even manuscripts remain longer then the flower petals, in any language from any one wroten them, I hope my journals remain a bit more then me, too.

I have some pictures of that bookshop in Paris 5e when so many "tresors" are hidden and where Hemingway went to find Russian books about 90 years ago too, and me, just some plain English ones.

Liter@ a dit…

Hy Julie,

you make a comment for the other posts in here;
the poeme that I wrote in there have a meaning and is up to you if you want to understand it or not,
whatever you say is not related on his meaning.

the comment about the bookshop is a little confused,
what can I say,
i am glad that you know this bookshop as you probably know many of them in London.
thanks for passing by and the comments