mardi 6 janvier 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Ah, so difficult to say something after St Symeon; for me he give the key to how christians can arrive to understand and accept each others .
This misunderstanding between christians hurts me a lot, with the time I realise that the only thing that I can do is to take the distance from that fight which is not acceptable and not understandable when you know what christian is ment to be.
There are so many things to say about that, is not the place as the DSN is more for painting matter and dedicated to evry budy who can find an interest in it.

I would like to share :

a letter from Robert Genn " Laziness", I thank you for that and for all the beautiful letters to fellow artists.
There are a book also : "Love Letters to Art"

Art Rage can be used also for animation films and I like to share an animation movie,

How wings are attached to the Backs of Angels" by Craig Welsh
Craig Welch takes viewers inside a surreal, meticulously crafted world to meet a mysterious protagonist and his otherworldly visitor.

In this surreal exposition, we meet a man, obsessed with control. His intricate gadgets manipulate yet insulate, as his science dissects and reduces. How exactly are wings attached to the back of angels? In this invented world drained of emotion, where everything goes through the motions, he is brushed by indefinite longings. Whether he can transcend his obsessions and fears is the heart of the matter. A film without words.
Well, it can be a true story, a story about love, a story about woman artists, a story about life;I love Chopin.

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