jeudi 30 avril 2009

haw can you love us with that infinite love?!

I can't breath,
Noises under my windows
and today they are nothing,
I am just floating and
just hoping to pass ... away

Sorry to say but nobody exist
to me anyway,

I realize that you have to be
a stranger from another century
to make me dream,

too far away I can more easily
imagine a kind and sincere friend.

How beautiful lights and
how mysterious shadows,
how soft your voice when you are not in the sorrow,

did I saw you once ?
Yes, indeed

People dream about you but they don't know you,

as one dream about driving at
five years old,
which look just surreal,

I dream about floating in the universe,
comfortably installed in a dream
and a 360° vision,
stars and galaxies are not the same,
I see you better in that invisible way.

Words come from You,
through me,

I didn't hiden the light
but is of a Babylon sight that
they are delight,

I couldn't fight with the shadows night,
I just see You and the time is suspended
until all this noise will cover totaly my mind
and after that,
back to the beginning,

haw can you love us with that infinite love?!!

samedi 4 avril 2009

modern mermaid♪♫

A second version with few notes from Mozart,
sorry for the end clash and "mermaide" is a lapsus but perhaps well at his place.

Modern mermaid

This is my first video done in
Painter 11,
all the procedure take me about two hours,
it was for me the occasion to descover the new
fonctionalities of Painter 11,
I am sure that great things can be done
whith it,
in perhaps a little more time .