mardi 26 juillet 2016

I am alive, a real person, a painter ;
 must I say, I have a hard life because I try to be myself,
very curious about almost everything in art and the real world ,
 learning all the time something new,exercising and sometime , some good results.

 I am not a practical person and even if I did my best in being prudent I had a computer stolen, a huge hard disk non functional , another computer lost for different reasons,I have health problems and couldn't pay the rent for the storage in time , then lost all my materials in there, this last two years, it is a long story, If was a poem on a wall in my house, someone read it, I lost the house, a huge part of my studio and there are people who have in view the other part of it, the one which is in Galati.

My life was done in France but now I live temporarily in Galati, as I live mostly  inside the house there are not a big difference for this last years, I work , first of all , to improve my health, I have the most of the problems of a sedentary old woman and more than this, maybe I am not very special but I had a special life and I feel that is time to make some order in what is left of my studio, of what is left of my work, I hope this will not take more than three years and I hope I will still be alive then.

We live hard times now for a lot of time and we don't see the end for soon. Is easy to say that people should be more human, open mind and have empathy,
easy to say that climate change is the most important phenomenon of our century, the war is only one of the consequences, at least is how I understand things,
but even if many artists are involved about the climate change and they do what they can about it, we live just the beginning and the earth don't wait for us to have a high consciousness as humans,
we live times when everybody must change there way of life, times when people must understand each other
and act for the good of all society.

Who still care about the truth ? What is truth without love and what is love without God ?  I know, this is a very personal thinking  , more related to my experience of life ; first of all people are free to imagine the universe  the way they want, when the problems arrive is when the lack of respect rise in the harts, when people became speculative , false, in war, destructive.
Is important to have good presidents but for me, the most important, a real democracy means a highly educated society, people that can make good decisions in difficult circumstances.

This is a recent digital painting , one of many experiments.

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